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Occam’s Razor™ is the University of Chicago's independent™ improv troupe™. We are comprised of a handful of UChicago students trying desperately to make some new friends. We practice twice per week and perform three free shows per quarter. New members are cast each fall and all members perform for as long as they remain in the group. We are all virgins. All of us. Not once have any one of us performed the sacred and revered act of intercourse. This is not a requirement, merely a coincidence. Please be kind.


The Reynolds Club @ The University of Chicago

Occam's Razor performs in the FXK Theater on the 3rd floor of the University of Chicago's Reynolds Club. It is our home, it is our bed, it is our grave. There we live, there we love, and there we die. Please keep it clean, chaste, and warm.


Shows are usually on a Friday night at 8:00 PM, and they are always free. The best way to find out exactly when shows are is to like us on Facebook!


Here at Occam's Razor, we believe that comedy is the only true way to unlock the secrets of OhMorris's power. Who is OhMorris, you ask? Why, we are! We have fused to become Him, thank you! But we must still appease His lust for humor and fresh fruit, so we take to the stage in tribute to His everlasting spirit.

Yes... and?

Join us! Audition for Occam's Razor! Find out about this year's auditions here. Auditions are super easy, super fun, and superman. We'd like to get to know you, if we could!

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The Occam's Razor Official Facebook Page